INTRO - researching STEINHART family from Wurrtemburg #germany

Pegasys . <pegasys420@...>

Hello GerSig Members ,

I just joined the group. I have been doing genealogy research for 16
years , However I consider myself to be a beginner in doing German
Jewish Genealogy research.

I live in suburban Illinois in the USA and my native language is English
I also have a great understanding of Latin . Using a variety of online
translators I can move through some basic Italian and German if its
typeface . I'm getting somewhat accustomed to reading and translating
some basic handwritten records also .

I have been building and troubleshooting computers for a bit over 35
years . I have been using and exploring the Internet for just as long,
and once I am pointed in the right direction and get to the right
places I enjoy teaching others how to do so .

I have identified the names and birth and death dates of all of my
grandparents and great grandparents and all but 1 set (for certain)
of my maternal great great grandparents , which is the reason I
have come to JewishGen .

My primary research goals now are to find if what I have uncovered
recently is fact, and discover more of that history . Or if it is not
fact , how could I have misinterpreted what I have found
and proceed down whatever turns out to be the correct path .

My JGFF Researcher ID number is 752225 . The family names and
ancestral towns that I have
entered in the Family Finder are: STEINHART >from 1850 to 1880 .

Kreszenz STEINHART Merriman is my maternal great grandmother , who is
relatively well known to me after her appearance in the US.
Paulina STEINHART's origins were a bit of a mystery until recently .
Helen and Josephine were completely unknown to me until recently .

This is what information I have so far :

STEINHART, Kreszenz - Hamburg ? to New York ? Baltimore ? in about 1893 ?
Birth 1884 Scholklingen, Wurttemberg ? - Death 1951 Joliet, Illinois
STEINHART, Helen - Scholklingen, Wurttemberg via Antwerp, Belgium to
Joliet, Illinois in 1894
Birth 1870 - Scholklingen, Wurttemberg ? Death 1918 - Joliet, Illinois
STEINHART, Paulina - Scholklingen, Wurttemberg ? to Joliet, Will,
Illinois in about 1899 ?
Birth 1875 Scholklingen, Wurttemberg? Death 1912 Joliet, Illinois
STEINHART, Josephine - Stutguard, Germany ? Scholklingen, Wurttemberg
? to Joliet, Will, Illinois.
Birth 1884 , Scholklingen, Wurttemberg? Death 1966 Joliet, Illinois

I have an extensive tree on Ancestry that is completely public ,
and/or can provide anyone with a gedcom at anytime.

I am looking to this community to help me understand some information
I have found recently . The source indicates the origen of information
is Jewishgen . So far I have not received any reply to queries sent
to this individual to explain the unusual way in which this information
is displayed and how they got it , and so far cannot reproduce the
results they have in the JGFF .

Marc E Ferguson, suburban Illinois, United States

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