Bonn Matrikell #germany

Eva Lawrence

I have gone through the on-line RSA name-taking records for Bezirk Bonn
and made notes about the content of its 52 pages, but have not yet
done a proper transcription. If anyone has a surname >from Bonn which
they are interested in, I can send them a link to the relevant image on
this part of the film. I've also got a jpeg of the place index of the
film, No.007992460, which actually covers the whole of Kreis Bonn.

The individual negatives were separated for scanning, and at least one
image - the one mentioning my great-great grandfather, Asher/Anselm
Ungar - is missing, though both his parents and his older siblings are
there. If anyone else, looking through other images happens to come
across it, please let me know.

Eva Lawrence, St Albans. UK eva.lawrence@...

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