JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen New Synagogue London Birth Registers 1770-1896 #general

Harold Lewin

The New Synagogue London was located >from 1761 to 1837 at Bricklayers Hall, later
known as Sussex Hall, in Leadenhall Street, and >from 1838 to 1911 in Great
St.Helens Street. The registers of births and marriages are all contained within
one LDS microfilm (film No.94668). A major difficulty encountered while
transcribing the New Synagogue birth registers (over the past several years)
concerns overlapping but contradictory records. Vol. 4 of the film covers births
from 1774-1852 while Vol.5 records the same births up to 1852 but then continues to
1896. The difficulty is that the data in the two volumes often differs. In an
attempt to clarify this problem, photographs were taken of pages showing the same
set of births >from the two volumes. The images were placed side by side and the
writing style of the entries in Hebrew cursive script compared. My conclusion is
that the two sets of records were not written by the same synagogue official and
the writing of the entries could even have been separated by several years.
Although Vol.5 appears to follow Vol.4 chronologically and might therefore be
assumed to be more accurate, one cannot be certain of this. The solution of the
problem seems to be making the Vol.5 record the default transcription but recording
details of the Vol.4 deviation as a note. Harold Lewin - Jerusalem

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