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To find details of a naturalisation record up to 1945, search the
National Archives -
The departmental, or series code is 'HO' for Home Office.
You will get a list of results, click on the link for which ever name
you think is correct. The next page doesn't give more information,
but gives a link for ordering a copy of the record, or of going to
Kew to see the original documents.
As you don't have access to any more information than the name of the
person, where he lived and when he was naturalised, you will have to
order the certificate to find out if this is the correct person. An
email copy seems to cost 32 pounds 10 per page.

The other place to look is the London Gazette which is where all
naturalisations have to be published:

Jill Anderson
London UK
ABRAHAMSON - Lithuania, London, USA; ALTER- Austria, London; DAVIS/
DAVISON- Riga, London; HALPERIN/HALPERN - Lodz, Warsaw, London;
GINSBURG - Dvinsk, London, USA; JACOBSON - Poland, London, Hove;
MILGROM - Trembowla, London; NOR/NORR - Panevezys, USA; PEARL/PERL/
PERLE - Birzai, London, Plymouth; ROSENBERG - Lomza, London; SCHUSTER
- Rokiskis, USA; SCHWARTZ/SWARTZ - Dvinsk, Rokiskis, London, USA;
SIEGLER/ZIMBLER - Alshad, Plunge, Pumpenai, Riga, St. Petersburg,
London, Hove, USA, S. Africa.

snip...Can anyone advise me as to how to get a copy of this naturalization?

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