INTRO - Jacob NATHAN - Born 1763 #germany

Pamela Davis

I have just joined the group and researching information on Jacob NATHAN B.
1763 and his brother Lemon NATHAN 1748. They lived in Liverpool and
Manchester. Information has been found >from the synagogue in Manchester
UK, various Mason establishments and books, particularly The Making of
Manchester Jewry by Bill Williams.

I consider myself to be intermediate on research and the internet. I am
searching the above with the help of particularly two long lost cousins
I found on Ancestry and also a relative whose name was changed from
NATHAN to their mother's maiden name.

I live in Portsmouth in the UK and originate >from Manchester UK. My
native language is English and know no other language apart >from perhaps
a little French learned in school.

I have identified the names and dates of the following main line of my tree:

GGGGGF -Jacob NATHAN b. 1763 Bavaria d. 16.11.1857 Cheetham, Manchester, U.K.
GGGGF -Saul NATHAN b. 1803 Manchester U.K. d.01.04.1887 U.K.
GGGF -William Henry NATHAN b. 06.12.1830 Manchester,
d. 25.01.1873 Salford, Manchester, U.K.
GGF -Louis NATHAN b. 03.10.1858 Pendleton, Lancashire U.K. d. 03.07.1930
GMother -Elsie Nathan b. July 1891 Pendleton, Salford, U.K. d. April 1957 Manchester,U.K.

We have identified, most siblings, cousins, and families resulting in
extensive research of an extended family tree now including, even USA,
Canada, and France.

We have tried for some time to identify Jacob and Lemon, (the brothers)
who are quite famous in their own right as being one of the first Jewish
settlers in Manchester, UK and subsidised and donated to the first
cemetary/synagogue/etc in Manchester UK. but cannot find any information
other than they arrived in UK >from Bavaria.

We would greatly appreciate any information anybody would be willing to share.

Thankyou, Pamela Davis, Portsmouth UK

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