JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Looking for birth information for Benjamin Robert SCHNEIDERMAN, Manchester, England, 1892/93 #general

Ann Armoza <armozaan@...>

Need help looking for a birth certificate for Benjamin Robert SCHNEIDERMAN
in Manchester, England 1892 or 1893.

I am trying to help a friend who is looking for a birth certificate for her
grandfather, Benjamin Robert Schneiderman (Sneiderman).
This what we know. David and Fredi Schneiderman arrived in Philadelphia on
the British Princess out of Liverpool on 10 September 1893. They were going
to Leib Glasses (GLASSER) in New York City. There is no mention of Fredi
being pregnant or any mention of an infant with them. Last address in
Manchester was 105 Moreton Street in Strangeways. It looks like they
resided there for 8 months.
Both seem to have been born in ‘Russia’.
We have found Benjamin Sneiderman on Federal Census papers for New Haven, CT
(1900,1910,1920,1930) indicating that he is a naturalized citizen born in
England in 1893. His draft registration papers (World War I and II) give a
birth date of 15 November 1893. Again, he is a naturalized citizen on those
We have checked, unsuccessfully, on Ancestry for Benjamin’s birth
certificate. There is an entry for a 1921 death certificate but this is not
the correct person.
Thinking that perhaps Benjamin was born in1892 in Manchester, we have used
other online sites to no avail. Family stories have him being born on board
the British Princess, but given his stated birth date it’s more likely that
he was born in Philadelphia or New York.
Is there any other way we can do a search of Manchester birth records for
the years 1892 and 1893? It may be that his birth was simply not registered
in England or the United States.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Ann Schweibish Armoza
Oakdale, NY

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