how to find documents when the town no longer has them #germany

Lin <lin2@...>

Hi GerSIGers,
I need help finding the birth certificate for my great great
grandfather, Benjamin REINHEIMER.

I recently found my great-great grandfather, Benjamin REINHEIMER's
death certificate. He died in 1884 Beerfelden, Hesse, where my great
grandmother Rebecca REINHEIMER was born. Beerfelden was not able to help
me find records of his birth when I wrote 6 years ago. But, with the
death certificate, I now have the names of his parents: Koppel SALOMON
AND Regine SCHACK, so I thought that would help to find his birth
certificate. The death certificate also said he was 70.

Beerfelden just wrote me back and said they don't have documents
earlier than 1810. But since he was 70 in November 1884, he would have
been born in 1814. Does anyone have any suggestions of where I might
find those documents? Would they exist?

Previously when I was looking for more REINHEIMER documents I also
wrote Reinheim, due to the surname.
Just in case, I also wrote Reinheim with this information. Since he was
the first REINHEIMER in the family, I thought he might have been born
there. Now that I have his parents names, maybe the standesamt there can
help. I have not heard back.

But in case they don't have records back that far what can I do?

Thanks so much. Hope to see some of you at the IAJGS conference.

Sincerely, Lin Herz, Palm Bay, Florida

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