JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: mystery photos; one from Hungary/Slovakia; two from Lodz #general


This definitely looks like a studio portrait, and would likely have
had the name and address of the photographer printed on the back,
and possibly the date as well (in order to facilitate reprints,
which were the bread and butter of the photographers).

Most photographs were taken in a studio, because cameras and lighting
were heavy and cumbersome, and the photographer would supply the props,
including furniture, and sometimes even fancy clothing. (We have a
fanciful portrait or two in our family that we know were not realistic,
for example.)

So it's hard to draw conclusions about the subjects, except that the
portrait was an acceptable way for people of that time and place to be

....... tom klein, toronto

Debbie Long <d_long@...> wrote:

1. Can you advise me about the significance of the attire of the two
elderly people in the photo at

They are likely to be my Hungarian great-great-grandparents, but they
were >from an area that is now called Selmeczb¬°nya),Slovakia. Does their
attire reflect Jewish custom at the time?

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