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Phyllis Kramer

Tovia Frazer said: "I am trying to contact whatever family exists that
descend >from Ignaz KOHN. He was known to the towns people as "Itzik KOHN,
the baker." There currently is a gravestone in Lackenbach that says
"Ignaz KOHN, who was taken to somewhere in Poland (during WW2)."

Tovia...please consider using JewishGen resources to find your answers...

1 - JewishGen Family Finder has a fellow researcher also looking for KOHN
from Lackenbach. You might want to email this research. and while you are there,
add your surnames and towns too!

2 - try Family Tree of the Jewish People

3 - look in our archives...over 10 years of messages posted on this group

By the way, all of these database resources can be directly linked >from
JewishGen's home page by clicking on the database tab on the home page.

Phyllis Kramer
V.P.Eduction, JewishGen Inc.

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