Assistance in finding sources / more information - Death of a young child in Berlin, family from Danzig #germany

Tamar Amit <ta.genealogy@...>


I hope to find assistance to locate sources of information re this new

My gt-grandparents along with their 13 living children moved from
Tuchel/Tuchola to Danzig/Gdansk somewhere between 1918 and 1919.
My gt-grandfather, Gustav BECKER, was one of 5 authorized kosher
butchers in Danzig as I found out >from the Rabbinate's correspondence
now in Jerusalem.
A week ago, I found the death registration of one of the youngest
children (Elsa-Esther) in March 1920, Danzig. In it, it states that
she died in Berlin and the body was transferred to Danzig. She was 3
years and 11 months old at death.

I ** assuje** she was in Berlin along with her mother Rosa-Rachel BECKER
nee LEVY to get better medical assistance as I do not know of any
family members there at the time and it is a long way >from Tuchel or

Where can I find additional information to support or refute this?
Where would they have stayed? Was there a Jewish children's hospital?

Tamar Amit -

PS - following is the link to the death registrations 1st relevant
page (#1423, 7th line on page).
- image 85.
The recto page (with the body transfer info) is image 166 on the
following link (7th line on page)

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