Notation on names Israel and Sara #germany

henry wellisch

I recently came across the birth entry in the Vienna Jewish records of
a woman who was born in Vienna, who moved in the 1920s to Germany and
emigrated in 1940 to the US. In her Vienna birth entry of 1903 there
is a notation dated June 6, 1939, which sates that she has now the
additional name of Sara. This additional name of Sara for women and
Israel for men was a Nazi law, and I well remember that in 1939 my
mother and I went to see a public notary in Vienna who stamped all our
My question is this. Was is customary in Germany for authorities to
inform the registrars in the former hometown of citizens about
important events such as a name change? Or was this another
antisemitic regulation?
I think in the Austro Hungarian empire and later in the Austrian
republic there was such a custom, but was this the case also in

Henry Wellisch, Toronto

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