Thanks for help (expatriates) + continued question #germany

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Dear SIGgers,

I'd like to express my gratitude to Andreas Schwab, Fritz Neubauer,
Peter Lande, Renate Rosenau, Shulamit Spain-Gayer and Stephen Falk
for assistance in locating information about my relative,
Clara PHILIPSBORN, in the Hepp-Lehmann book, Die Ausbuergerung
deutscher Staatsangehoeriger 1933-45 nach den im Reichsanzeiger
veroeffentlichten Listen.

I would still like to know if and how German Jews living abroad before
the Nazis came to power maintained contact with the German government.

Judith Berlowitz, Oakland, California

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Please thank those who help you and support ViewMate, JewishGen
and GerSIG

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