JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Need Help Locating Living Descendants of David Weiss (Hungary) #general

Barbara Kreisler <bk1650@...>

David Weiss emigrated to New York in 1901 >from Hungary. He married a
Hungarian woman by the name of Ray and they had three daughters ­ Ruth
(1909), Helen (1913) and Sylvia (1920)
David Weiss met his niece in New York after she arrived by ship in 1921.
His address was listed as 446 East 123rd Street, Manhattan, NY.

I have run up against a wall trying to obtain their married names. All I
have is the 1920 census with their estimated birth years.

Any help locating any living relatives would be greatly appreciated? My
father in law lost both sets of grandparents in the Holocaust.

Thank you,
Barbara Kreisler

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