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Paulette Bronstein

Greetings Fellow Researchers. I have a question about the Vilnius
Archives. How was the data collected by the census takers? Did they go
house to house and later organize families by name and registration
number? On the Zarasai-Salakas-1858-1876 list, lines 672 and 673, page
46 I found Gamberg, Abram, Head of Household, father - Eliash, Male,
age 16, registration number 177 and Gamburg, Eliash, Head of Household,
father - Nokhim, Male, age 15, registration number 178. How could 15
and 16 year old young men be heads of households? There were no other
family members listed with these two young men. Could this data
indicate that the two boys lived together? Are addresses mentioned on
original archives? I am referring to LVIA/1/1262/48.
I have a similar question about the Kaunas Regional Archives. I found
five GAMBURG families (KRA/I-211/1/78), registration numbers 594, 595,
596, 597 and 598, all with former registration numbers 177/165 on pages
262, 263 and 264. I also found two GAMBURG families (KRA/I-211/1/78)
registration numbers 592 and 593, former registration numbers 177/164,
page 261. Could the 177/165 and 177/164 families be related? Are the
addresses on the original archives?
I apologize if these are basic questions. I read all of the
explanations on and could not find answers to my
Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Paulette Bronstein
Aventura, Florida
GAMBURG - Salakas, Ekaterinoslav, Brooklyn
GAMUS - Vilna

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