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Dorothy Leivers <Dorfleiv@...>

LitvakSig is pleased to announce that the Kaunas Family List Project is
now complete. Eighteen files were translated resulting in nearly 23,000 lines
of data. The last of the eighteen files has been added to the Kaunas
Family List site at

Finding that files like these exist is just the beginning of a project. It
is the contributors who made it happen and because we were able to afford
two translators, it was possible to complete this project in less than two
years. Without their support, the translation of this list of almost 23,000
lines of data spanning a time frame >from 1858-1915 could not have

The entire project has now been given to the Kaunas District Research
Group . A surname list can be downloaded at
Please scoll to the bottom of the page and select KFL surname list.

from the outset, it was obvious that this was a very important list for
researchers. Quite a few brick walls were breached for those fortunate
enough to find their families listed. The information originally recorded was
gleaned >from all sorts of documents which were presented to the authorities.
Many links to former shtetls of residence were found as well as details of
extended families. For some, it provided the confirmation that a family
they thought might be theirs did indeed move to Kaunas or left Kaunas for
other places.

Dorothy Leivers

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