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Judith Lipmanson <jel@...>

I have recently read that during WWII, European refugees in the U.S. military
were put on a fast track to naturalization because they had to be citizens
before shipping overseas. Did this apply to all European nationals in the
armed services or just to those who were pulled >from the ranks and assigned
to intelligence and tactical jobs that used their knowledge of German life,
cities etc?

There are some personal accounts of German-born GIs being rushed to U.S.
Federal courthouses a day before embarkation for special swearing-in ceremonies.

What was the official policy/process on a fast-track naturalization for those
in the military during this time?

I have also read that in the British military at the same time, German-born
soldiers fought as foreign nationals, not as British citizens. In fact, at
the very beginning of the war they were viewed with suspicion and not allowed
to enlist.

Judith Lipmanson
Delaware, USA

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