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I am researching the KORENMAN family, who lived in Ukraine before
emigrating to the US between 1890 and 1921. The earliest known
ancestor is Shalom Korenman, whose son Yekhezkel was born in Shargorod
around 1851. (Shalom's name appears on Yekhezkel's 1911 death
certificate; nothing more is known of him.)

I obtained these images >from the archives of Shargorod, Ukraine, now
contained in Vinnitsia, which include 1858 census entries for the
Korenman family. They are:
shows both pages
comprised of male family members on the left page
comprised of female family members on the right page

The Korenman entries are numbered 294 and 120 in what are labeled No.
9 audit and No. 10 audit. My Ukrainian researcher has provided an
initial translation, but she's better at recognizing Russian than
spelling English. She says they feature a Shulim Korenman and his son

Might this Haskel be Yekheskel, who is listed as an 11-year-old son?

Can we assume Shulim is Shalom?

And can we deduce the names of Yekhezkel's mother and siblings from
these entries?

I would appreciate any help available in translating these entries.

Rees Chapman
Dahlonega, Georgia, USA

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