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Philip Trauring

Not living in the UK, I'm not overly familiar with the Jewish genealogical
resources available there. The only mailing list I was able to find was available
only to paid members of the local genealogical organization. I am writing to ask
that someone who lives in the UK and knows where to post to try to find someone,
can help me in getting my inquiry out in front of the right people.

I'm looking for someone who posted several Pages of Testimony at Yad Vashem back in
1989. Her address then is listed in Brentwood, Essex. If she's still alive she
would be about 82 today. I'm looking for Diana Davis (formerly Goldina Trauring)
married to Michael, mother of Graham and Anne. If someone on this list knows or
knew her, or can help me get this inquiry in front of more people >from the UK, I
would greatly appreciate hearing >from you.

Thank you,

Philip Trauring
Modi'in, Israel

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