JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Fwd: Re: Bad Arolsen/ITS/Int'l Red Cross Search Requests #general

Stephen Esrati <steve@...>

My own experience (with excellent results) was to ask my local branch of the
American Red Cross. It took time, but was worthwhile, at least for victims of the

Later, I was able to get more complete information >from the German Bundesarchiv and
the archives of the city of Berlin. But I am still lacking some basic data.

Stephen G. Esrati

Searching for Max HIRSCH, a world-famous gynecologist, who left Judaism and died
in Birmingham, England, and any offspring Also searching for Ernst and Hans HIRSCH,
sons of Hermann HIRSCH and Julie MAYERSOHN. Julie is my g-grandmother.

Ann Linder wrote:

I've received conflicting info on how best to conduct a Holocaust search
utillizing the Bad Arolsen archives...I have in the past submitted search forms
via the International Red Cross by postal mail. However, I've been told that
emailing is better. And I'm told emailing directly to ITS/Bad Arolsen is a good

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