METZGER Family #germany

ronald Wallace

I am researching a METZGER family that is known to have come >from Landau
(Pfalz) in Germany. Some of them went to Karlsruhe and stayed there. Some
parts of the family also resided in Busenburg near to Landau.

Has anyone done any research in these towns/cities and come across any
Metzger family members. Know names are Lazarus and his four male children
Adolph, Julius, Maximilian and Robert. Lazarus was married to a Regina
August. The children mentioned were born in 1842, 1843, 1844 and 1850.
Lazarus and Regina and the four children are known to have been alive in
1869, although they were not all living in Landau at that time. Adolph had
emigrated to the US and Max and Julius were living in Karlsruhe by then. We
believe that Regina's August family came >from Busenberg. Her Father was we
believe Andreas August married to Regina Levy.

It is very possible that Lazarus married a second time possibly around the
early 1870's and adopted more children >from the second wife's previous

If anyone knows anything about this family I would be most grateful to hear
from them. One of my fellow researchers is possibly planning a trip to the
area next year. He does not speak any German and might be interested in
anyone familiar with the area who could help him with the research.

Thanks for any help

Ronny Wallace, Apollo Beach, Florida ronald@...

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