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Seeking information on family KUPCZYK - Bialystok

Lipa/Lipa Elija Lejbowicz KUPCZYK married in 1903 Inda Zusmanowna WASILKOWSKA.

Children:- 1904 Szejna d. 1905. Zusul b. date unknown, Feige b. date unknown
and Miriam b 1910.

Miriam left Poland and arrived in Brisbane Australia on July 2 1939 - where she
subsequently married, had children and died several years ago.

Miriam rarely talked about her family but once or twice did mention that
she wondered what became of Zusul and Feige.

It is known that Lipa died before Miriam left Poland in 1939.

Lipa had a sister Sosleja who in 1899 married Icko Szliomowicz GILIOT - 3
children known, Szlioma 1902, Chana 1904 and Leia 1905.

He also had a brother Tanchel/Tanchum who married Pesza SZMUJELEWOLA - 2
children known Abram b & d 1894 and Szlioma b 1900.

Pesza died in 1903.

If anyone has knowledge of this particular KUPCZYK family unit, especially with
reference to Zusul and Feige please contact me privately.

Thank you.

Patricia Wilson (Israel)

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