Re: OPPENHEIMERs of 16-17th century Worms #germany

Christine Crawford-Oppenheimer

Please answer to the list about this. As David says, there are many
others of us who are interested.

As for his first question, based on Ele Toldot, it seems pretty clear
that there are two men named Loeb OPPENHEIMER (with some variations
for both of them). I'm afraid that the genealogies that conflate the
two come >from people not paying attention to all the details of the
men and working on the unreliable principle of "same name, must be
same person" (sigh.....).

Peace, Christine Christine Crawford-Oppenheimer, Hyde Park, NY

On Thu, Aug 31, 2017 at 8:46 PM, Davidm Dubin davidmdubin@... wrote:
Please help with some stumbling blocks in two families >from which many
of us are descended: the OPPENHEIMERs and the BALLINs of Worms,
Germany. Please help me understand the following about the
1- Ettlinger's Ele Toldot, a fantastic source of information about
Frankfurt Jewry of the 12th -18th centuries, has two contemporary
listings for Loeb OPPENHEIMER, one (died 1574) who was the son of
Majer & Gutlin and who became an apostate named Paulus Renatus, and
one (died 1572 or 1573) without parents listed who was married to
Sorle. All OPPENHEIMER trees that I have come across seem to conflate
the two, making one person, married to Sorle and son of Majer &
Gutlin, thereby extending the ancestor tree a few more generations.
Where is the source for doing so?

2- In the Gruener buch >from Worms (Rosenthal's transcription), two
major figures named (Simon) Wolf OPPENHEIM appear. Both are lauded in
the highest terms. One died in 1596, and one was likely born in about
that year (his parents Josef Jehuda and Frumet married in the 1590s)
and died in 1664. The latter is the grandfather of his namesake of
even greater renown, the banker who died in Hanover in 1726. It stands
to reason that there was a family connection between the two earlier
Simon Wolfs, and it even is likely that the second was named for the
first. Yet I see no listing of the earlier Simon Wolf in any
OPPENHEIMER tree. Does anyone know where he belongs in the family?

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