Searching for lost cousins, PICARD, Germany to Palestine #germany

Ruth & Bruce Lynn <lynn33@...>


I've recently discovered that one of my father's cousins
and her family did not die in the Holocaust, but escaped Germany to
Palestine around 1936, but we haven=E2=80=99t been able to trace the
since the 1950s.

Dr. Ernst Jakob PICARD (born 1887 in Konstanz, Germany) and his wife,
Minna Edith RUSS PICARD (born 1891 in Berlin), and their children, Heinz
Helmuth (b. 1914) and C. W. (I don't know his or her name),
lived in Tel Aviv in the late 1930s, 1940s, and the
1950s. The father was visiting London when he died in 1959,
and C.W. signed the death certificate.

Is there any way to discover whether there are any living descendants of
these cousins?

Thanks very much for any suggestions.

Ruth Nadelman Lynn, Lexington, Mass. lynn33@...

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