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Barbara Sontz

Dear Genners,

I recently located passenger records for a family that arrived in New York
in November 1923 >from Constantinople, Turkey. The last place of residence
of the family members is stated as Constantinople and their place of birth
is Kiev, Russia. The nearest relative column lists "Jewish Colonisation

I've learned a little about the Jewish Colonization Association (ICA). It
was established in London in 1891 by Baron de Hirsch, heavily funded by him,
and its purpose was to establish agricultural colonies for the retraining
and resettlement of Russian and Eastern European Jews. Most of these colonies
were in Argentina, Brazil and Canada, but there were some established in
Turkey and Cyprus.

The ISA also established an immigration bureau in Constantinople in 1910 to
assist settlers in Eretz Yisrael. I've read one account of a young woman
who received her visa for the US >from the ISA in Constantinople in 1923.

Does anyone have further information about this organization in
Constantinople and its role in the journey >from Russia to Constantinople
to New York of this family? Are there any records of the ISA available?

Many thanks,
Barbara Sontz
New York

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