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Hilary Henkin

Dear fellow researchers,
We're researching our family histories, and part of that research means
ordering, finding, or otherwise getting original papers and photos
documenting that history. But once we obtain them, we want to make sure
they continue to exist, and that we don't do anything which would damage

As I progress toward my MLIS to become an archivist, I'm learning much
about preservation, conservation, and restoration. A few weeks ago,
someone here asked about removing old photos >from albums.

A blog >from the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History
recently had a get-together to discuss maintaining a personal archives
(which is what we're each doing.) They listed several questions and
answers on what to do about old photos, scanning, digitizing film, mold,
and removing photos >from albums, in other words, how to take care of the
original records we may want to preserve. Good tips, I thought.

You can read the article at

Hilary Henkin
Southern California

MODERATOR NOTE: This subject is generally considered to be off-topic,
and this message is not re-opening the topic for discussion. But
the article referred to may have some valuable information for genealogists.

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