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Hi all,

This year the Annual Hanukkah Meeting, Conference and Seminar will be
taking place on December 06, 2010 - 29 Kislev 5771, at our base in
The Bible Museum, 16 Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv 66881, Israel.

At 5:00pm we will start by opening the Horowitz Library so visitors
can review all the books and written material stored about the Horowitz Family.
Everyone is encouraged to bring a copy of any written material or the
Shorashim work done by kids at school, to be donated to the library.

At 6:00pm we will start our annual board meeting

At 7:00pm we will lite the Hanukkah candle, sing some songs, and will
hear 2 lectures:
- The Hororwitz Family in the town of Chenstochova, by Gabriel Horowitz
- Jung's in Misketer Batia settlement by Itzhak Ish-Horowitz.

Afterward we will watch some movie clips >from the actress Winona
Rider (Horowitz).
All members and family are welcome to come and participate.
Please send this invitation to all Horowitzers you know !!!!!

Daniel Horowitz
Horowitz Families Association Webmaster

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