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Jeff Miller

I am interested in the dates Saturday November 15 and Sunday November 16,
1941 as it impacted the celebration of my parents' wedding. My parents,
Morris and Sarah Miller, always celebrated their marriage on November 15.
However, my sister recently discovered two wedding certificates for our
parents, in Hebrew and in English, that indicate the wedding was on November
16 (the Hebrew date indicated is the 26th day of Cheshvan, 5702, which works
out via to 16 November 1941).

I'm not sure if this is a factor, but I presume in Jewish law the wedding
could have been in the evening of Saturday November 15 and reported as 16
November, or as the 26th day of Cheshvan??).

We think a more significant factor may have been that my sister's birthday
is November 16 and perhaps our parents celebrated their anniversary on
November 15 rather than having their celebration coincide with that of my
sister's birthday and somehow overshadow the celebration of her special day.

We're curious what any marriage announcements might have shown, and
additional considerations of why our parents celebrated their wedding on
November 15 if the records (certificates) show November 16.

If anyone has access to the historical New York Times on ProQuest available
at some libraries, either announcing the marriage in advance, or reporting
the marriage after the fact, I'd appreciate hearing >from you.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Jeff Miller
Maryland/D.C. area

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