The family names Berdie and METZGER #germany

ronald Wallace

Has anyone in their research in Germany or Alsace Lorraine ever come across
the family name Berdie. I would be very interested to hear >from anyone who
may have come across this name. There is one family that came to the US
and lived in the Minnesota. Michigan Illinois and Wisconsin areas about
which I have comprehensive details, but I am interested in any other
branches of a family with this name especially any that may have come
from Metz in France or somewhere along the Rhine River in the Pfalz area.
They may have emigrated to the UK.

I am also interested in any METZGER family >from Landau in der Pfalz. This is
a very common German name and I am only interested in Jewish Metzgers from
Landau in the 19th century, especially between 1820 and 1870. The family
were not Butchers. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thanks

Ronny Wallace, Apollo Beach, Florida ronald@...

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