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Carol Rombro Rider

Nadine--If you have access to Ancestry through your local library,
try going there and seeing if you can find an arrival record for your
family. You can also research the arrival through your local LDS
library. If you go there, they will be happy to explain to you how
to do it.

If all else fails, you can contact the Jewish Historical Society of
Maryland. Since Baltimore was the first leg of the Baltimore and
Ohio railroad, many immigrants landed in Baltimore and then were
helped by HIAS to continue on to the midwest. The Historial Society
has a list of those immigrants they helped for a certain set of years
-- I can't remember exactly the dates, but they can tell you. If you
get lucky, they will be able to locate a card on your immigrant
ancestor with some valuble information for you. You can locate their
address and telephone number on-line if you wish.

They might have even obtained ship arrivals for the port of Baltimore
since I have last been there. It has been awhile, and I know they
have continued to add to their collection.

Best wishes,
Carol Rombro Rider Baltimore, Maryland USA

<< I am hoping that someone who is more adept than I am, might help me
pin down the arrival of my ggparents. I believe it would have been
Baltimore since that is where the rest of the family arrived. >>

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