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Howard Fink <HowGen@...>

Going through old boxes >from my in-laws we have discovered 18
typewritten pages of narrative family history by someone my wife has
never heard of, and does not appear anywhere in our family tree. It
was written in 1985 and appears to be an original rather than a
carbon copy. This is the kind of document that would be an amazing
discovery for any genealogist with a connection to this person.

Moe FISHER was born in Briansk (Grodno gubernia) in 1892. His father
was Mordechai (>from Sokolow), his grandfather was Moses (eventually
in Lapi near Bialystok). Mordechai had been married before and was a
widower. Moe had one half brother >from the first marriage named
Benjamin as well as several sisters. Moe's mother, Bluma Ester, had
also been married once before - her first husband died after 4 years
of marriage and the two boys >from that marriage died young. Moe had
older sisters Sarah, Razel and Mushie who survived as well as younger
twin boys who died as infants. Moe's family later moved to Bialystok.
Moe's uncle (his mother's sister's husband) was named PRUSHANSKI and
lived in Kowel (Wolyn gubernia).

Moe emigrated on the Kroonland which arrived in New York on November
26, 1912, where he joined his half brother Ben. He was listed as
Mojsche FISCHER >from Bialystok. Moe enlisted during World War I and
was later trapped in Bialystok in 1920 during a visit after his
mother's death there. He eventually escaped with his father and a
nephew, and was helped along the way by the family of his future wife,
Libby KALEKOS, in Suchowolia.

I cannot identify an obvious match in the FTJP or JGFF.

If you recognize this family please let me know and I will be happy to
send a copy of this narrative to you.

Howard Fink
Massachusetts, USA

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