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The JewishGen discussion group archives is invaluable for discovering
information on institutions, family names, places, and much more. One has
The following is taken >from an old message by searching for "lying in
hospital". Those archives can answer many questions in just a very few

"The New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center Medical Archives of Various
Institutions in NYC [1771-Present]

The Archives of the New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center is the
repository for the official records of the following institutions and

The New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, 1927-present
The Society of the New York Hospital, 1771-present
Cornell University Medical College, 1898-present
Cornell University Graduate School of Medical Sciences, 1952-present
Cornell University-New York Hospital School of Nursing, 1877-1979
The Society of the Lying-In Hospital of the City of New York, 1799-present
Manhattan Maternity and Dispensary, 1905-1939
Nursery for the Children of Poor Women and Nursery and Child's
New York Infant Asylum, 1865-1910
New York Nursery and Child's Hospital, 1910-1947"

Search the archives--they are a gold mine!

Message >from Sarah Haggard
Subject: Unknown Relative, New York 1900
I discovered >from the N.Y. 1900 census that my grandmother, Annie Bauman
Tenengold, had a baby on 4-25-00 named Bessie or Bertha Tennygold. Baby
was born at the Lying In hospital, 7 Livingston Pl in
Manhattan. I checked on this hospital on the Internet. It no longer
Gladys Friedman Paulin, CG
Winter Springs, FL
Member, Association of Professional Genealogists (APG)

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