INTRO- researching ALEXANDER & BLUMENTHAL from Berlin & Posen to New York about 1866 #germany

Jeffrey Alexander

Hello GerSig,
I just joined the group. I have been doing genealogy research, off and
on, for a few years now. I consider myself to be a beginner in doing
German Jewish Genealogy research.

I live in a suburb of Charleston, South Carolina. We moved here five
years ago after living in a suburb of Hartford, Connecticut for over 35
years. My native language is English and I am not fluent in any other language.

I consider myself advanced in using a computer. My experience in using
the Internet is pretty good having worked in the IT industry for over 38
years before I retired in 2015.

I have identified the names and birth and death dates of Samuel
Alexander and Ida Brotsker who are my paternal grandparents. I know the
names of my great grandparents, but I do not have all of their details.
Joseph Alexander and Dora Blumenthal were their names. I know the year
that they were born but not Joseph's exact birth date. I was
able to determine that Dora was born June 20, 1840. I know the names of
four children and where they lived once they moved to the United States.
That is where my research hits a roadblock.

My primary research goals now are to find out: The towns that Joseph
Alexander and Dora Blumenthal were from. If possible the ships that they
took to America. Thank you for whatever information or advice you can share.

My JGFF Researcher ID number is 769583. Researching:
ALEXANDER- Berlin, Germany, Prussia to New York in about 1866
BLUMENTHAL- Posen, Germany, Prussia to New York in about 1867.
Joesph ALEXANDER married Dora BLUMENTHAL in 1868. They had 4 children:

Henry ALEXANDER born November 1869
Jennie ALEXANDER born about 1873
Jacob (Jack) ALEXANDER born August 29, 1877
Samuel ALEXANDER (my grandfather) born October 20, 1881.

Jeff ALEXANDER, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina jalexan142@...

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