JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Two brothers with same name? #general

rv Kaplan

In the 1874 Revision List for Ariogala, Lithuania, my great great grandfather,
Eliyohu Eliezer Kaplan, is listed in household 150 as 'Elyash, deceased'. His
widow and their children (youngest being Michael Kaplan!) seem to be sharing the
house with Elyash Yankel Kaplan and his family. I wondered whether my Elyash and
Elyash Yankel were brothers or cousins.

Harvey L Kaplan

Glasgow, Scotland

Michael Kaplan <> wrote:
In researching my wife's ancestry I came across two brothers who appear to share
a name: Abraham Icek MANCZEK (b. 1872, d. 1932) and Szmul Abe MANCZEK (b. 1879).
Both brothere were born on Poland. Abraham was my wife's grandfather, and he came
to the United States. I have no further knowledge of Szmul. I believe that in the
Jewish tradition two brothers would not share a name. Further there is a third
brother named Rob. I wonder if the name "Szmul Abe" should have been transcribed as
(Szmul) Rob.

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