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Mark Jacobson


If these acutally were their given names they are not sharing the same name, each
has a 'double' name, both parts make up the whole given name. If both were Abraham
Icek they would share the same name. Both likely were named for different ancestors
who both had Abraham as part of their given name, but those are different names. My
Galician born grandfather was named Abraham Josef at birth, named after his
recently deceased great-grandfather, he had an older brother named Josef named for
another relative. Both had Josef in the name but they were different names, named
for different people and did not have the same name.

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Michael Kaplan <> wrote:
In researching my wife's ancestry I came across two brothers who appear to share a
name: Abraham Icek MANCZEK (b. 1872, d. 1932) and Szmul Abe MANCZEK (b. 1879). Both
brothere were born on Poland.

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