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victoria geddes

I am just beginning my journey into constructing my family tree and need some help

Thus far, I know my Great-Grandmother was Anna Eberle and was >from either Germany
or Austria (even possibly Switzerland). Her mother was Lucia Pogetta or Pogetto
Eberle, and Anna's father died when she was little, I don't have a first name on
him. I know Lucia then married a man named Charles Manea (sp?). I know Anna's
father had several sisters and came >from a very wealthy and affluent family. I
would love to find out more info on the Eberle side, or if anyone knows anything
about the Pogettas that would be great as well.

Also, a shot in the dark here, but my mother's family is >from Southern Italy and
their name is Tomasello. I have discovered that Tomasello was at one point a very
common Jewish Italian name in southern Italy, so if anyone knows anything about
that name that would be great also!

Thanks so much,
Victoria DaRe Geddes

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