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Howard Margol

I admit I erred in stating that being registered in Vidzy indicated the
person was probably born in Vidzy. He could have been born in Vidzy, or lived
in Vidzy but not born there, or had some previous connection to Vidzy. The
only way to find the answer to those questions is to research the Vidzy

The main importance of the Vidzy discovery is, it gives the researcher
another town to find records of their ancestors.

A good place to find Vidzy translated records is on the LitvakSIG Zarasai
District Research Web site -

Howard Margol
Atlanta, Georgia

Subject: place of registration as place of birth
From: Herbert Lazerow <>
It is with hesitation that I disagree with Howard Margol, who knows much
more about Lithuanian practice than I do. But his answer, that a person
listed in an 1887 census as registered in Vizdy was probably born there,
makes assumptions counter to my understanding of the registration system.
Here is how registration was supposed to work...

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