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Hello Genners:
I have hit the proverbial brick wall. My great grandmother was a KSHEVIN. Most
of the Kshevins (and many spelling variations) changed their names to Levin(e).
My great uncle Jacob Kshevin settled in New Jersey. In looking for the name on
Ancestry I found an Esther Kshewin going to my great uncle in New Jersey. I know
she is related to me because my gggrandmother was also named Ester and that
seems to be a family name. Jacob Kshevin, who changed his name to Levine, also
had a daughter named Ester but she was already on the 1910 US by the time the
other Ester arrived in 1913. I found Esther on the Boston HIAS record on
Ancestry. I looked at the film at my FHC but all it said was she arrived in 1913
bringing a boy named Moishe BOGASH who was going to his father Leizor Bogash in
Brooklyn. It did not give the name of the ship nor the date of arrival -- just
June, 1913. I looked through all the manifests for Boston for that month and
year and came up with *nothing*. I wrote to HIAS and they didn't even have the
copy of the card I had printed off the film. I have not been able to find any
Bogash families in New York with the first names of Moishe, Morris, Leizor or
Louis. The 1913 manifest would give the name of the people in Poland that they
left behind and give me some important clues. So if anyone has information on
these people I would greatly appreciate hearing >from you.

Meryl Rizzotti

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