SITE CITE - New Free translation website: DeepL Translator #germany

David Lewin

Most of us need machine help to understand text written in other
languages. For a long time Google's translation service at: has dominated. While OK for
individual words or short phrases, it also produced laughable results
- especially on longer text.

I have just been guided to a new free translation service which I
find remarkable:

It has 2 parts:

1. DeepL Translator for machine translation - as in other services
you enter text in one language and have its translation in a
selection of other languages in the adjacent window.

2. Linguee database of human translations - a vast dictionary

DeeplL sadly, at this stage, lacks Hebrew which Google *** does ** offer.

David Lewin, London david@...

*** Moderator Note: I tested DeepL Translator with one personal letter
from Germany. I found the DeepL translation a bit more skillful at
interpreting idiomatic phrases and producing a similar English idiom.

Other web-based translation tools are described at
the GerSIG website:

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