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Miriam Margolyes

Dear Genners,

I am now researching my SANDMAN (N) rellies in this Polish town, previously known
as Nakel.

The information was sent to me by Trish Kilpatrick in Sheffield, UK who deciphered
the LDS Microfilms below which refer to the town. The records are written in
German, although now the town is in Poland.

Film No. 715114
1. Filmed on 25 Feb. 1970.
2. An Alphabetical Index of Surnames, giving basic details and reference numbers
for full entries in the next (main) film. NB. Within the listing for each letter,
the entries are in date order, not alphabetical (e.g. to find an entry for
SANDMANN, you have to look all through the S section).
3. Does not cover the whole time period of the main film.
4. Sub-divided into 3 volumes: [these are the years as printed at the front of
each volume, but there seem to be a few entries later than these, in the Deaths and
Marriages volumes].
1. Births 1848 - 1852
2. Deaths 1848 - 1858
3. Marriages 1854 - 1867.

Film No. 715115.
1. Also filmed on 25 Feb. 1970
2. The Nakel registers of Jewish Births, Marriages and Deaths [BMD] and a very
few Divorces. In German; Geburten, Heiraten, Sterbefalle, Ehescheidungen.
3. Described as covering the period 1823-1867, but there are a few missing years,
i.e. 1833, 1834, most of 1842, and most of 1866-7.
4. Sub-divided into 17 volumes (Nos. 4 to 20) in chronological order. Each volume
also starts with the photo of the appropriate Polish Archive page (Nos. D4088 to
D4104). [I took a photo of one if you'd like to see it].
5. Most volumes cover BMD for one year (usually in that order, but occasionally
BDM), except for Vol. 4, (1823-1832) Vol. 5 (1835-1837* Vol.
6(1836*-40) and Vols. 18-20, which cover 1848-1865, in a volume for each
category (Vol. 18 equals B, etc). (* not a misprint!).
6. Most of the earlier entries are in columns, often across two pages, which can
be easier to read, (once you've translated the headings!). Later entries are
mainly in continuous text, which can be more difficult.

Neither of these films have been transcribed. I hope this information may be
useful to those searching in German/Polish records.

Best-Miriam Margolyes

searching: SANDMAN(N) JENKINS, LEWIS (Newcastle UK)

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