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Jeff Miller

With the amazing help of Genners I've learned that my LANE family included
Hyman LANE (not Max) as the head of household and wife Sarah, children
Rebecca, Abraham and Lena. I greatly appreciate the assistance of Genners
and have separately sent my appreciation notes to those who responded to my
previous posting.

The Hyman LANE family dropped out of the Harrisburg City Directories after
1920, and showed up in the Census in Philadelphia in 1930, and listed their
country as Lithuania (earlier information placed them in Panevezys). And
they all put year of immigration at 1910 this time (earlier records
indicated that Hyman arrived in 1904-1905 and the rest of the family came in
1906 through Baltimore -- the names have been connected form the manifest to
the Census records where Simch became Sarah, Abram as Abraham, Beile as
Rebecca, Sabse as Samuel, and Seil or Leil as Lena).

There are two marriage records (using for women named Lena
Lane in the Philadelphia Marriage records, one with JONES 1941, and one with
a Henry HOROWITZ in 1931. There are also marriage entries for men named Sam
or Samuel LANE (to women with surnames GREEN, FABERMAN, and KELLY), Sarah
(one to a FISHER and one to a PALMER) and for Abraham LANE.

In the 1930 Census for Philadelphia:
Hymen Lane 51
Sarah Lane 50
Abraham Lane 26
Lena Lane 23

Related families in Philadelphia at about the same time included a brother
of Hyman LANE named Sam (Samuel) and his son David LANE and other family
members; in the 1910 Census: Samuel, wife Annie and children Bella, Sarah,
Dora (Dot), David, Philip, Gertrude, Edith, and Bertha (Bea), were living at
the same address (xxxx Frankford Ave.) as a GREENWALD family. Family
information informed me that Sam's daughters Bella later married KOMINS, Dot
married KESSEN and Gertrude married HIRSHORN. This confirmed that the "first
cousins" of Isadore LANE, living also in Philadelphia at the time, were
children of the Samuel and Annie LANE I'd found in the 1910 Census (Isadore
was descended >from my New York LANE family).

In addition, the 1920 Census included David LANE as a 23-year old sheet
metal worker, wife Mollie, and children Marv and Ethel. Bea, the only
surviving child of Samuel, is now age 100.

I'm seeking assistance identifying descendants of the Hyman LANE family.

Jeff Miller

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