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Bruce Reisch <bir1@...>

Dear Friends,

For those interested in maps, there is an excellent resource online
that is still growing with the recent addition of a large set of
Austro-Hungarian Empire maps.

Visit the online site of the "Archiwum Map Wojskowego Instytutu
Geograficznego 1919-1939" (Polish Military Geographic Institute).
While the maps >from this institute are >from the period 1919-1939, the
site provides many other maps >from the 1700s onward.

The English language site is here:

Resources include town plan and regional maps of Poland, Russia,
Germany, Galicia, and Bukovina. There are also links to sites with
historical maps of Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Russia

Because of the excellent quality and detail of the maps, the file
sizes are large (ca. 8 - 35 MB each) and may take several minutes to
download, even on a high-speed internet connection.

Thanks go to Vasile CRACIUNESCU for alerting me to the resources on this site.

Bruce Reisch
Geneva, New York

Researching: REISCH, SCHECHTER, FEUERSTEIN - Sadgura, Bukowina, Ukraine
WEISSMAN - Brody, Galicia, Ukraine SCHACHTER, HELLMANN - Okupy, Ukraine
WEINTRAUB - Lublin & Zamosc, Poland

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