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Jim Bennett <bennett@...>

Beatrice Markel asks: "Does anyone know another form of this name-Mechla-
that might relate to Rebecca, Becky? In a message written by Eva Breitstein,
Mechla is addressed as her sister. Eva's sisters were Sura, Becky/Rebecca, Minnie
and Fanny".

The ancient Hebrew name for females, Michal, is pronounced in Eastern
European Yiddish as Michleh, or Michla. That was my wife Myrna's mother's
name, Michla Szewc/Borishanski >from Novogrudok, Belarus.

And two of our granddaughters here in Israel are named
Michal, in her memory.

I don't see any way that Mechla could be related to Rivka, Rebecca or Becky.
It's so much closer to Michal, Michla and Michleh.

But maybe it was a distorted nickname.

Jim Bennett

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