WWII: searching info on ZAMECK, Zamec, Lewek, alias Leroch Leo, bn 1902 Warsaw, shot as civilian, on July 15/1944 in center of France #germany

Pierre KOGAN

Dear Genners,

As WWII survivor, I'm searching to know the fate of

ZAMECK, Zamec, Lewek ?, alias Leroch Leo, bn on Feb. 16/1902 Warsaw,
Jewish civilian, slaughtered by the Germans, then executed with 5
others Jews, on July 15/1944 in Marsac on Isle (Dordogne), France.

He was the son of Jacob and Citivi Bruda.

Husband of Regina Poznanski, or perhaps Regina alias Seibert, bn
Dec.28/1893 Lodz.

They had 2 children, Erna bn Jan 23/1925 and Jacques (Jakob?) bn Feb
1/1928 in Muenster/Westphalia, Germany (?)

FYI, the registry office >from the birth places of the children
declined to give any info under the pretext that the children weren't
born 110 years before!!

The family found shelter in Perigueux (Dordogne).

Any clue?? Thanks for answering

Pierre Kogan, Strasbourg, France kogan@wanadoo.fr

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