LINDENBAUM in Huckarde and Mengede #germany

Mike Redel <redel.mike@...>

Dear gersigs,

I am searching for informations about Leser LINDENBAUM. He was butcher
and Handelsmann. Leser must be born in 1832 and dies around September
1916. The stone is nearly unreadeble. His parents are Jacob Cosman
LINDENBAUM and Johanna (Hannchen) SPEIER.

Leser married 2 times. 1869 Hannchen LOEWENSTEIN and 1873 Julie
LOEWENSTEIN (mabe sisters)

Has anyone the birth and death date of Leser, Hannchen Speier and his
first wife Hannchen LOEWENSTEIN?

Regards, Mike Redel - Germany - Unna

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