INTRO - researching HERSCHEL family from Hamburg, Germany and environs #germany

Jeffrey Herrmann

Hello GerSig,

I just joined the group. I have been doing genealogy research for
about 5 years. I consider myself to be a beginner in doing German
Jewish Genealogy research. I live in London, UK. My native language
is English and I also know a bit of German.
I consider myself advanced in using a computer. My experience in
using the Internet is extensive.

I have identified the names and birth and death date of my great great great
grandfather. Hew was born 9 Oct 1800 in Hamburg and was named
Bernhard Passach HERSCHEL. At the age of 20 he changed his name to
Bernhard nton HERRMANN. He died in Hamburg on 29 May 1876.
Bernhard's father was Meyer Michel HERSCHEL, born 1777-1781 in
Hamburg. He died on 21 Jun 1817.
Bernhard's mother was Louise WOLFF, born 28 Mar 1780 in Halle,
Germany. She died on 13 Aug 1860.

My primary research goals now are to find out:about the ancestry and
descendants of the HERSCHELs of Hamburg, and also to learn more about
the ancestry of Louise WOLFF of Halle.

My JGFF Researcher ID number is 681982.

Jeffrey Herrmann, London UK

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