Re: Alsace-Lorraine researching grandfather; #germany

Barbara Algaze

Carolyn Allen wrote:
I would like to find a birth certificate for my grandfather, David John (or
Jacob) DORANZ or any information on the DORANZ family. I do not know in
what city in Alsace-Lorraine he was born. The family did identify as
German. David was born around 1854.

You can find birth records for Alsace-Lorraine (or Elsass-Lothringen) in the
catalog of the FamilySearch Library under Civil Registration at: or

They are listed as: Tables decennales, 1792-1892. Please note, while
birth, marriage and death records are usually listed under Vital Records in
the U.S., they are not listed as such in European records.

Unfortunately, you can often only view these microfilms >from a Family
History Center; it depends upon the microfilm you wish to view.

I was able to find my Grandfather's 1876 birth certificate >from Strasbourg
as well as the birth of his siblings in 1877, 1878, and 1881. The index of
births microfilm is #1,740,792 (ten year index of births - 1873 - 1882) and
the microfilm numbers for the actual certificates were:

1876 (April - September/Bas-Rhin) - 1,734,000
1877 (March - August/Bas-Rhin) - 1,739,942
1878 (May - October/Bas-Rhin) - 1,739,945
1881 (May - October (Bas-Rhin) - 1,740,007

I do not have any information about other locations in Alsace-Lorraine.

I hope this is helpful.

Barbara Algaze, Los Angeles, California

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