JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Where is Parech Russian-Poland? #general

Ian Singer <islandparrot25@...>

On a WW2 draft document a relative listed Parech, Russian-Poland as
his last name...

Any idea as to it's location??

Ian Singer
Delray Beach, FL

KAPLAN (Stakliskes/Stoklishok, Lithuania); BRADEBORD(Nemunaitis/Nemuneitz,
Lithuania); SUPOWITZ/ZHUPOVITCH (Nemunaitis/Nemuneitz, Lithuania)
FRESHMAN (Kovno Gubernia Lithuania)
POLYAK(Vilna, Lithuania); ERISCH/YARUSHEVSKY (Berdichev/Boguslav, Ukraine)
KOPLENKO(Berdichev/Boguslav, Ukraine); SINGER/ZYNGER (Warsaw, Poland)
WEINER(Kovno Gubernia, Lithuania); PERSKY(Lithuania)

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