INTRO and Aglasterhausen Home for Displaced Children in Germany #germany

Alex Magocsi <awmjr@...>

Good Morning,

I recently subscribed to the GerSIG and wish now to formally introduce

I am a US citizen currently living in Germany. I have been conducting
family history research for approximately 30 years primarily focusing on
the following family names:
KIRCHGRABER: originating in Ehingen, Bad. Wuerttemberg, Germany
WHITNEY: still searching for origin
GROSZ / GROSS: originating in Nyirbator, Hungary
GREIF: originating in Fulyan, Saros County, Austria Hungary
MAGOCSI: originating in Gyula-Jovancza, now Gyulaj, Tolna County, Hungary

Like many US American families, mine is a mixture of nationalities and
religious backgrounds.

At times I branch out when something piques my interest.
I became interested in the Aglasterhausen Home for Displaced Children in
Germany due to a death in the family.
Because of this interest I recently submitted a comment / request to
GerSIG with the purpose of locating photos taken at the facility.
I am most interested in photos of the children, looking for members of
the family.
I have already received some interesting details regarding this Home and
have thanked the responders directly.

Regards >from Hamburg,
Alex Magocsi York Maine and Hamburg Germany awmjr@...

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