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Avigdor Ben-Dov <avigdorbd@...>

The Jewish world of our ancestors encompasses more than just the USA and
the EU nations as well as major Engish-speaking countries where large Jewish
communities flourish today. There is marginal attention to other places
where Jewish communities existed (and some continue to exist). This was
dramatically brought to my attention by an article in Mishpacha magazine
(23 Mar. 2011) in which it was disclosed that there are five Jewish
cemeteries in Kenya: two in Nairobi and one each in Mombasa, Nakuru, and
Kitale. There is also a Nairobi War Graves Cemetery with Jewish graves. Has
there been any effort made to document these sites?

Anyone having a connection to or visiting Kenya would do a service by
getting photos and descriptions of matzevot there for listing on the
JewishGen website and perhaps aid others to find links to relatives..
Come to think of it, there are thousands of Jewish cemeteries worldwide that
have yet to be explored and documented..

Avigdor Ben-Dov

MODERATOR NOTE: Point well-taken. Make sure to check out the JewishGen Online
World Burial Record project locations at
Several African and other non EU and non-English-speaking countries are
represented. There is plenty room for more work, however.

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