A little more on Baden's on-line records #germany

Roger Lustig

Dear all:

Having used the Collection 390 (Karlsruhe) and L10 (Freiburg) on-line
Baden vital records quite a bit, let me add a few more points.

1) These are duplicate registers, i.e., annual copies handed in to the
local government. They are bound together year by year.

2) It was not necessarily a Christian clergyman keeping the Jewish records.

3) Universal civil registration began in Baden on Feb. 1, 1870 and
adopted the German Empire's standard forms on Jan. 1, 1876.

4) The whole "conversion" misunderstanding may have been exacerbated by
FamilySearch and Ancestry, which have indexed zillions of these records
and called many if not all the Jewish ones "Lutheran"--including the
9-volume Jewish-only set for Mannheim. I have pointed this out to the
organizations involved.

Roger Lustig Princeton, NJ USA  research coordinator, GerSIG

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